Bear Cub

ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ Bear Cub

Today’s websites are bloated, slow, and full of scripts, ads, and trackers. This became so commonplace that we lost all sense of perspective, to the point that we now think multi-megabyte webpages are normal.

The internet has become a bloated mess. Huge JavaScript libraries, countless client-side queries and overly complex frontend frameworks are par for the course these days.

Kev Quirk

Let’s change this, one website at a time! Bear Cub is a Hugo theme based on Hugo Bear that takes care of speed and optimization, so you can focus on writing good content.

It is free, multilingual, optimized for search engines, no-nonsense, responsive, light, and fast. Really fast.

When compared to its predecessor, Bear Cub has a few privacy and accessibility upgrades. It’s also compatible with modern security standards, so your users don’t have to worry about browsing your website.

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